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Dark Age of Camelot

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Hello folks! As I am the only person who plays DAoC here I thought I'd try and goad some of you into playing. ;D

14 Day Free Trial

As you may or may not know there is a 14 day free trial availible. You can find that here. The graphics will look horrible though, because the game is 5 years old... although... You can get the trial with the new, udated graphics by reading this guide here.

Here is an FAQ from the MMORPG.com forums, very useful stuff.

Reading that along with this should prep you for play.

The basic thing about DAoC is this: RvR.

RvR and the Realms

RvR means Realm vs Realm. Sort of like PvP, only it is large scale and fought between the three realms of Albion, Hibernia, and Midgard.

Albion is the English/Scottish realm, and also has a desert dwelling Arab race and a race that serves the God of death. It has classes such as the Scout (who wields a famed longbow), the Wizard (who controls elemental magic), the Paladin (a holy knight who can use chants, spells, and fighting aptitude to protect and help is friends), and the Friar (a healer/melee hybrid that fights with a staff and can heal and buff his allies).

Hibernia is the Irish realm, and has the most magical abilities and races and such. It is considered to be overpowered by mean people! D:< It contains classes such as the Eldritch (who controls the powers of the sun, moon, and void to weave spells), the Animist (who animates plants and fungus and summons spirits to fight for him, with him, or blow up on stuff for him), the Hero (who uses melee capability and the ability to turn into an Elk for a short period of time to tank for his allies), and the Bard (who uses song and spells to buff and heal his allies).

Midgard is the Nordic realm and has some of the strongest fighters and melee capabilities. Midgard has classes such as the Valkyrie (female warriors of Odin who have both melee capability and a variety of unique spells, many of which are instant casts), Berserker (a light fighter who wields two weapons and can turn into a crazed Vendo to deal more damage but surrender defenses), the Runemaster (who invokes runes and casts spells), and the Shaman (who can heal or greatly buff allies or cast cave spells that damage, snare, poison, or disease enemies).

You can look at info about races, base classes, classes, speccing, abilities, and attributes here.


I don't know much about crafting except that now it's kinda tedious and that at present they are doing a total revamp. Crafting info here.

Realm Abilities, Rank, and Points

Starting at level 15 whenever you kill an enemy players not only do you gain exp but you gain realm points. Realm points increase your rank, gives you bonuses to your skill lines (if you are realm rank 2 and have 5 points in Parry then you would have the equivalent of 6 points in parry... NOTE: bonus points never give you new abilities, just reduce resists and increase damage and such), and give you realm abilities points which you can spend on Realm Abilities. For information on realm rank and abilities click here. For a list of realm abilities click here.

The RR5

The second you hit RR5 you get a free RR5 ability that is specific to the class. RR5 abilities can rock or be meh, but all are cool in their uniqueness to the class and their freeness. All RR5 abilities are listed at the bottom of the RA list. (See the previous link above).

Useful /slash Commands

I will add more if I remember any.

/autoloot: makes your character automatically pick up everything that drops, as opposed to having to target things and hit G to pick them up.

/setcamera: sets your default camera position to whereever your camera is now.

/clock: brings up the clock.

/filter: turns off chat filter.

/qtd: quits game entirely and takes you to the desktop.

/release: releases your soul when you die.

/pray: pray to your grave to get back exp.

/bind: lets you bind to a bind stone or a point in a capital. When you die or use your recall stone you return to your bind point.

/use: uses an item that you have selected by right-clicking it.

/friend [name]: add person to your friend list.

/scrollchat: clears the chat window every 90 seconds.

/ignore [name]: add person to your ignore list.

/yell: send a cry for help to those nearby.

Chat commands:

- Alliance chat.

- Zone chat.

- Chat group chat.

- Group chat.

- Guild chat.

- All nearby players.

- Very nearby players.

/t [name]
- Sends a tell.


Leveling can be done in both RvR and PvE. Killing mobs and completing quests of course will get you a lot of exp, but every kill in RvR gets you exp and once a level you will get a bunch of exp when you help capture a keep. Enemy keep guards and mobs in battle grounds and the New Frontiers also are a source of exp that are in some ways related to RvR.

You can level in Task Dungeons or Catacombs areas for the easiest leveling but you need the Catacombs expansion. The 14 day free trial won't have this mind you. Task Dungeons are one shot missions where you get the mission and go into a dungeon and kill X amount of things or kill X named boss or clear the cave or something.


Gear can be bought, found, or made by players. It is best to try and stay in gear that is blue, yellow, or orange to you. Grey, red, and purple are too high or low and green is mediocre for your level.

Aurulite Armor and Weapons

In Catacombs instances this thing called aurulite drops, you can use it to buy good gear in the capitals of the Shar, Kobolds, or Inconnu respectivly depending on your realm. If you get the full game this stuff is nice to know as it makes getting to 50 quicker.

The Utility NPCs

Healer- When you die you can talk to a healer to have your rez sickness removed, and talk to them again and pay them to return lost Constitution.

Smith- Hand your equipment to smiths and pay them to have them repair it. This keeps armor and weapons in shape and lets you get full use out of them.

Enchanter- Pay them a small fee to enchant weapons and armor (I believe only mundane ones). Once enchanted their name gains an adjective like "shiney" or "bright" and their chance to hit or defense increases.

Stable Master- These guys own horses. You can buy a ticket from them for often around 5 silver and then hand it to them and you will mount up and be sent off to your destination.

Ground Targets and Siege Weaponry

For the life of me I can't remember how to do siege weapons or ground targets. I made a thread for your help... xD Here it is.

Ground targets are used for aiming siege weapons and GTAoE (ground target AoE) spells. A ground target basically places a point where the spell will go off or the siege weapon will fire at.


There are four bars in your little status window... they are...

The Red Bar (Health)

This is your health, when it goes down all the way you die.

The Yellow Bar (Power)

This is your power. You use it to cast spells. (Think mana).

The Green Bar (Endurance)

This is your endurance. It goes down when you cast spells, sprint, or use styles.

- The sprint button for me is X, you can check yours by typing /keyboard. It can also be triggered by hinting the sprint button which appears on your bar when you begin, or you can create the button by dragging away from "Sprint" in your menu. (Hitting X or whatever is better). Anyway, sprinting boosts your speed. It is good for escape, kiting, and catching targets.

The Blue Bar with the Bubbles (Experiance)

This is your experiance. Everytime the little blue bar fills a bubble fills and the bar empties. When all but one of the bubbles are full and the bar fills you gain a level.

More things you should know about exp and leveling:

Camp bonuses: You gain camp bonuses to exp when you kill things that are in "camps," or groups of other mobs. (Around or near each other).

Instance bonuses: You gain a certain % bonus to exp in instances.

Group bonuses: Sometimes in groups you will gain a bonus for a group kill.

/level bonuses: If you have a level 50 character on a non-Classic server and make a character that is of a class from the Catacombs expansion and you use the /level command that character does not instantly hit 20. Instead they gain a 50% bonus to exp until level 20.

Free levels: Every certain amount of days (I think 5ish) you gain a free level, as long as you had leveled up yourself one time during those days. The last free level you can gain is level 48.

Mini-dings: There are really 60 "levels" to DAoC. From 40 on you mini-ding, so to speak. Instead of 40, 41, 42, etc. the leveling from 40 to 50 goes 40, 40.5, 41, 41.5, etc. up to 50.


In melee combat your special attacks are called styles. A style uses endurance and does more damage and possibly has a higher chance to hit, reduces or increases your offense or defense, or can cause effects. Styles can chain into each other and sometimes have specific situations that need to be met before they can be used.

The Style Library.

Break Down of a Style

Prerequisite: What you need to do before you can use the style. There are many kinds of prereqs for styles.

None- These are anytime styles. They can be used at anytime. Taunt styles are often used as anytimes because they do a fair amount of damage and generally only have medium endurance use.

Evade- You need to evade an attack before using the style.

Parry- You need to parry before using the style.

Block- You need to block an attack with a shield before using the style.

In front of target- You need to be directly in front of your target. Few styles have this prerequisite.

To the side of target- You need to be to the side of your target.

Behind your target- You need to be behind your target.

Target blocked- Your target blocked your last attack. Very few styles have this prereq.

Target parried- Your target parried your last attack. Very few styles have this prereq.

Stealth- You must be stealthed.

[Name of another style- You must have performed another style immediately before this. Style chains are generally 2 or 3 parts long, with a rare few being 4 parts long.

I do not believe these is a "Target evaded" prereq in the game.

Attack: Displays whether the style has a greater chance to hit. Can be low, medium, or high.

Defense: Displays whether the style helps or hinders your defenses. Can be a low, medium, or high bonus or penalty. Not sure exactly HOW it affects your defense.

Fatigue Cost: How much endurance a style costs. Positionals, reactionaries, taunts, and detaunts tend to cost less endurance, which is why people often opt for Taunts as their anytime style once they get it.

Damage: The bonus damage the style gives. Low, medium, or high.

Effect: The effect it has. This can range from snaring your enemy, stunning them, stealing their life, or causing PBAoE (point blank area of effect, should be explained in that FAQ I posted in the first post) damage.

Using a Style

When in combat click the button for the style and on the next attack the style will go off if the prereqs are met. You can back up a style with another by hitting another style afterwards. For example if I want to try and get off a side style I'd hit my side style and then an anytime, for example my taunt, then try and get to my enemies side. If I am to the side of my enemy at the time of my next attack the side style will go off, if not, then my taunt will go off. There is no point in backing up anytimes. :P If you have only chosen one style you can hit it again to cancel it. (I hit Style B and decide I would rather do Style A so I hit the Style B button again to cancel Styble B.)

There is a 3 second window (I think) when using styles that are reactionaries (block, parry, evade) or positionals (front, side, back) or styles that require other styles. For example... after I dodge an attack I have 3 seconds in which I can click an evade reactionary style and still have it go off.


Sometimes you will fumble an attack. Your attack will miss and the time until your next attack will be increased. The Mercenary ability Distraction and the Mercenary RR5 ability Blinding Dust both increase the fumble chances of those hit with them.

F or /face

By hitting F or typing /face you will autoface an opponent. You will face their direction and continue facing their direction unless you move or something. This makes it easier to keep your eye on your opponent. This does not make it impossible to get off positionals though! I have gotten off side stuns in one on one PvP many times!


To cast a spell you simply click it and it goes off.

Spell Interuption

Spells are interupted when you get hit by a spell or attack. I think that one of the Necromancer DoTs interupts on each tick of the DoT. You rarely find Necromancers in PvP so it is fine.

After one of your spells is interupted it takes a few seconds before you can cast another. If you are in combat you can't cast spells and trying to cast a spell takes you out of combat. You have to wait a few seconds before casting a spell after being in combat. Certain spells as well as all Instant cast spells can be used in combat.

Quickcast (and Concentration and Mastery of Concentration), or Ways to Avoid Being Interupted When Trying to Cast Just One God Damn Spell

All pure casters (except Warlocks; healer classes are not considered "pure" casters so classes like Cleric, Bard, Druid, Healer, Shaman, etc. do not get Quickcast) get Quickcast at level 5, when they choose their main class. Quickcast has a 3 second cooldown and makes your next spell uninteruptable. Good for casting high damage spells or slows/stuns/snares to get away from or finish off enemies.

The Realm Ability Concentration recools your Quickcast automatically. Concentrations cooldown is 15 minutes for rank 1, 3 minutes for rank 2, and 30 seconds for rank 3.

The realm ability Mastery of Concentration is exactly like quickcast but has no cooldown and reduces the effect of the spell to 25%, 50%, or 75% depending on rank.


I hope that wasn't confusing! D: If you need help you can go to the MMORPG.com DAoC forums or the DAoC Catacombs forums.


A screen shot of what RvR looks like when you're losing:


What PvE looks like when you're losing:


What RvR looks like when you're losing underwater:


What RvR looks like when you're in a keep and more people than you are outside:


What the game world looks like:



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Tell me what your character's names are when you make some and I can help you figure out what you want to play of you are undecided still.

Magicite is my name im on now =]

I'm a magician at the moment going to become an edr-errsomthing.

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Fully speccin void, most damage and whatnot, gonna fuck shit up.

Yeah its goin good so far, diggin it but wouldn't mind some help and stuff, I just completed the epic 1 quest for my jewel.

Went into the veil, trying to figure out what thats all about lol

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No problem. My Eldritch is Light but Void is getting a buff next patch! :biggrin: Void's most powerful spells, their bolts, have trouble working against targets in combat and stuff but they are reworking bolts to make them better! I had a neat idea for for a 48 Void, 24 Light spec where you get all the damage of void with some of the goodies from light. If you had good gear and were a high enough rank that'd work splendidly.

The Veil is nice. Talk to people with swirly yellow circles around their feet, get quests, and do them all and you get a lot of experiance and gold. If you read what they say you learn some cool stuff about the history of the Veil too. ;P

Any other help, just ask.

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No problem. My Eldritch is Light but Void is getting a buff next patch! :biggrin: Void's most powerful spells, their bolts, have trouble working against targets in combat and stuff but they are reworking bolts to make them better! I had a neat idea for for a 48 Void, 24 Light spec where you get all the damage of void with some of the goodies from light. If you had good gear and were a high enough rank that'd work splendidly.

The Veil is nice. Talk to people with swirly yellow circles around their feet, get quests, and do them all and you get a lot of experiance and gold. If you read what they say you learn some cool stuff about the history of the Veil too. ;P

Any other help, just ask.

I can't find the dark elf guards -_- hehe

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It's a blast huh? :D

I'll explain the New Frontiers to you in depth tomorrow but basically...

Each realm has NF zones which are like normal zones but open PvP and are riddled with keeps and you can travel into each other's terratories and stuff.

People generally travel 1v1, 2v2, 8v8, in zergs, or do sieges.

1v1 people run around searching for fair 1 on 1 fights. (Good players can of course take 2 players if the situation is right).

2v2 are duos who go looking for fights together.

8v8 are full groups who go around to fight on open ground and bridges.

Zergs just zerg.

Sieges = keep/tower capturing.

Stealthers often look for 1v1 fights or group and camp bridges.

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