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Taking licenses off of MP3s

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I bought the Foo Fighters' "In your honor" CD, and when I used their program to rip the tracks to my MP3 player, they wouldn't play, and it said I didn't have the licenses to play my legitimately owned music on my MP3 player. Is there any way to fix this? I checked the Foo Fighter's website, and that's just a marketing tool, there isn't a way to contact someone about my problem.

So, I'm looking for a license to play my music on my MP3 player, or a way to strip the licenses off so that I don't have to fight with them at all. I've tried re-copying the tracks, and it's worked for all of them except for "best of you". the problem with that solution is that it gets all warbly and has that underwater sound to it.

can anyone help?

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