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The Top Ten rare rpgs YOU need!


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They may not garner mainstream attention like Grand Theft Auto, Madden, or Halo, but role-playing games are among the most respected and reversed titles in gaming. Of course, since they don't typically sell millions of copies, it can be easy to miss these remarkable games for the short time they remain on store shelves. The Final Fantasy series is great, but you'll need to look a little harder to gain a full appreciation of what the genre has to offer. This list serves as a tribute to some RPG classics that, though they have become hard to find, are landmarks. Keep in mind that these are not the rarest of the rare, but rather a sample of hidden gems that are well worth hunting down.

10: Shadow Hearts


While later entries in this franchise descend into sheer zaniness, the original Shadow Hearts is actually an innovative fusion of role-playing and survival horror. The game is set in an alternate vision of 1913 where fantasy and reality mix. The macabre story guides you through demonic and gothic surroundings as you control Yuri, a Harmonixer. in combat Yuri is able to assume the form of powerful demons as he tries to uncover the mysterious significance of a woman named Alice Elliot (who is kidnapped by Roger Bacon. Medieval philosophy +1) However, Shadow Hearts' main innovation is the Judgement Ring, a mechanic that incorporates timing and skill into an otherwise traditional turn-based framework. When Shadow Hearts Covenant came out in 2004, some stores offered the original title as a pre-order bonus, which means that it isnt as hard to come by as it once was.

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For anyone too lazy to Google up the other nine games Game Informer wrote about:

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6. <----has a small penis

5. Why did I go and ruin Scar's thread?

4. OH! Cause I fucking suck dick!

3. obligatory "I am gay" comment

2. I love Georg Bush

1. I'm pregnant with Hero's kid.

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Besides, this isn't my list. It's a list I am recreating from game informer.

9: Ys Book I&II


Many long-running RPG series change up the characters for each installment, but Ys is known for its continuing focus on the adventure of Adol Christin. With his signature red hair and a sword in hand, this compilation chronicles Adol's first two adventures. If you consider yourself a video game music buff, you need to add Ys Book I&II to your collection; these games are best remembered for their exceptional soundtracks. Unfortunately, the Turbo Grafx wasn't the most popular console of its day, but both games were released separately for the PC in the late '90s, so there are still ways to enjoy this often-overlooked series.

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» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «
9. Ys BOOK I&II (Turbo Grafix)

8. Tactics Ogre (Playstation)

7. Valkyrie Profile (Playstation)

6. Suikoden II (Playstation)

5. Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (Playstation)

4. Dragon Force (Sega Saturn)

3. Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (Playstation 2)

2. Earthbound (SNES)

1. Panzer Dragoon Saga (Sega Saturn)

One way or the other I have the bold ones.

Scar edit: for the sake of being nice, you didn't list the spoiler for my initial post...so I won't mess with yer post. Although it is spoiler tagged now...

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Yes, Shadow Hearts is fantastic.

*shrugs in disgust at all the people who avoid great RPGs due to a mindless mainstream source like IGN or GI giving them a low score*

Another example. The Atlus games which just came out (Metal Saga and Steambot Chronicles) got scores in the 5's from GI. But I have heard nothing but good things about them from TRUE RPG fans. I plan to pick 1 of the 2 up very soon (probably Steambot since I want to support Irem releases, with enough sales maybe they will make another R-Type!!!)

About this top 10, I'm shocked that GI even ran a piece on RPGs considering they know nothing of the genre and probably 90% of thier readers don't care about the genre to begin with................

.................Oh yeah, unless it is a western RPG, then it is somehow good (KOTOR and Oblivion). Suikoden V (which got a 6.5 in GI) will never be competition to a game like Oblivion to GI and thier mindless mainstream fanbase. But the TRUE RPG fans know that Suikoden V is fantastic and is the superior title.

GI running a piece on japanese RPGs..........makes me LOL

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GI did give a good score to Dragon Quest VIII. But that's a Square Enix game, so I guess it doesn't really count. Most game magazines don't actually review games anymore. Until there's a logical grading scale I won't trust them. I mean, look at the number of games that get 8/10! 8/10 is like the average, so simple logic would indicate that should really be 5/10.

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You guys ruin all my fun. Postig the list before I elegantly show you my style of how they should be displayed.

I was freakin doing them one by one for a reason dammit. lol To be all cool looking.

8: Tactics Ogre


Directed by Yasumi Matsuno (of Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story fame), this grid-based strategy/RPG is one of the most elusive titles in the genre. It was first released for the Super Famicom, but made the move to the PSone for its American debut. Praised for its meticulous balance and relentless challenge, Tactics Ogre features different character classes depending on your units' genders and kills them off for good if they fall in the heat of battle. Depending on how you complete certain mission, you can explore several branching paths of the story that result in a variety of different endings.

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dude is Shadow Hearts really a worthy purchase?..

Yes, it is.

LoD + Persona with a little Silent Hill and BoF, all mixed into a post WWI/pre WWII era setting = Shadow Hearts!

That's the best way I can think to put it. (It's not really like any of those in feel though.) An all around great game.

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7: Valkyrire Profile


Norse gods, dead warriors, and a war in the heavens tie together the unconventional gameplay experience that is Valkyrie Profile. Breaking from tradition, this game's battle system does away with selecting your attacks from a menu, instead mapping each cambatant to a face button and relying on the player to time their attacks to maximize damage. When not in combat, you find yourself flying around the overworld, navigating side-scrolling dungeons, and seeking out worthy fighters to harvest for the front lines in the impending celestial conflict. With its compelling cast of characters and epic story, Valktrie Profile has become one of the rarer PSone titles. The good news? Later this year Square Enix is porting Valkyrie Profile to the PSP (yay), so this unique adventure won't linger in obscurity much longer.

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6: Suikoden II


Regarded by most as the best game in the series, the second Suikoden title is also the hardest to find - mainly because the people who have it want to hang on to it. All of Suikoden hallmarks are in place, including the 108 stars of destiny and multiple types of battles (including largescale wars similar to those of Suikoden 5) <----? (Scar note: wow) These things are present throughout the franchise, but Suikoden II's masterful implementation alongside its gripping political story is what elevated the entry to a level that all subsequent games in the series have since been striving to recapture. C'mon Suikoden VI! You can do it!

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