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Nyaaa Aelice still does art?! Kyaa

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hawt shit. that one on the top really has that Renaissance-color to it. has a flattening of color thing right in the center of the mid-section that a lot of people who use Illustrator get (i know that's not Illustrator'ed, just a reference) that bugs me. but that's a matter of opinion :tongue:

once i actually get Photoshop on my computer this summer i'll start messing around and see what i come up with

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You wish. :P I dont draw porn at all.

There doesn't need to be any penetration just... two boys on top of each other :o

But anyway I like what you've done there :D

If any of you lovelies are in Arizona, I am looking for a roommate? XD Then next year I'll go to art school and provide you lots of art :X

Makil's in Arizona!

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I'm like halfway into yours. XD Nyaaa. My inspiration switches randomly when I work on two at once. ;A;

Makil's in Arizona?!! I move to Chandler next week!! :D

Nuuuu no envy tears you bastards :)

D: That is like an hour and a half from Tucson!!! :D

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