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Final Fantasy Potions


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Today Square Enix unveiled their first major Final Fantasy food tie in simply named "Potion." The drink supposedly makes you relaxed like herb tea and tastes mystical. It contains nutritional supplements so that the company can claim that the drinker might recover real life hit points.

It's set to go on sale in March 2006 to coincide with the release of Final Fantasy XII.

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What, is there a Hot Coffee mod or something I don't know about?

Atleast have the Hot Coffee mod on X-2 so video gamers won't look gay when they buy it.

There's an altered battle system and in most gaming circles change = controversy.

CHANGE BAD! hulkster.gif

If you lose a mini-game, you have to spend five minutes tied to a bed with this guy.


So... if I lose, I win! :crube:

Th-that's a guy?

Geez, from Tidus on they just get more and more gay.

Tidus wasn't gay... he just looked like Meg Ryan.

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How is something which will make your company an easy profit stupid?

One could argue that it hurts Square's reputation to be further devolving in to the "Final Fantasy Company" in much the way Game Freak was known as "The Pokemon Company" until Nintendo made a separate "Pokemon Company." Going further along this argument, it shows that Square has proven themselves incapable of actually making a decent Final Fantasy since VI and instead has to rely on merchandising gimmicks like Pepsi bottle caps and potion energy drinks.

Or she might just not like the idea and is using "stupid" as any other person in the world is wont to do.

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The ridiculous marketing gimmick that does not even try to disguise that they've honestly run out of ideas. As Hero said, they just realized that cant make a better game, so they keep stooping lower.. and lower.. -.-

I only complain because while they make ghetto potions and materia, there is no Cecil or Vincent blow-up doll.

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