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The beasties!

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I've never seen this before, but it is from IMDB and I'm not sure if it is canon or not. But here is the English translation of the converstaion at the end of Star Trek IV between the Whale and the alien probe.

The alien probe: [translation to English of the final conversation between the alien probe and the whales] Hello, anyone is there? Why don't speak? Answer me, please.

George the whale: Hello, we are. We can hear to you high and clear. Why you has traveled until here from so far?

The alien probe: You talked-off. What happened?, why didn't you speak?

George the whale: We couldn't. We weren't here. We traveled in time to talk with you.

The alien probe: Traveled in time? How? Why?

George the whale: Beigns from this planet kill all us species long time ago. When you arrived, themselves traveled in time looking for us to contact with you. Your sounds hurts to them.

The alien probe: So, everything is all right?, there is danger to lose the contact between us?

George the whale: No, my partner is pregnant. We can will populate the planet again. We will still talking along much time. Everything is all right now.

The alien probe: Danger is gone?, you're saved?

George the whale: Yes, we are saved. You can return to home and report about it.

The alien probe: [When it is going away] Good luck friends.

George the whale: Thanks, equally... Bon voyage friend.


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