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Prog Reccomendations.


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Well, some of you know that I am a huge prog fan, kind of made it a permanent part of my body putting Dream Theater on my arm. Although I am a fan of speed metal and power metal, with Angra and DragonForce up on my list, I have been trying to round out my list of [good] prog bands.

What I have right now is:

Dream Theater: All Albums

Derek Sherinian: Planet X

Jethro Tull: Thick As A Brick, Aqualung

Rush: 2112, Hemishpheres, ect.

Liquid Tension Experiment 1&2

Various Pink Floyd Albums

Various Queenscryche albums

Shadow Gallery: Tyranny

Spock's Beard: Octane, Snow, V

Transatlantic: SMPT: e

Yes: Close To THe Edge...

Aryeon: The Human Experiment

Now I have stuff from other albums on these artists, but I'm listing the complete albums that I own. I want you guys to give me some good reccomendations, and if possible, a YouSendIt or whatever of said album.

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King Crimson: In The Court of the Crimson King, In The Wake of Poseidon, Lizard, Discipline, Thrak

Symphony X: most of their albums


i'm horribly unimpressed with most modern "traditional" prog bands who follow what made dream theatre ( :tongue: ) so popular. and there's the incessant stop-start bullshit

that said, i wholeheartedly suggest:

beyond twilight - section X

psychotic waltz - anything

dead soul tribe - anything

cynic - focus

i'm going to make a bet with someone....

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You can get the albums on Amazon.com for as little as $10 a piece. I recommend the following: ELP, Trilogy, Pictures at an Exhibition, Tarkus, and Brain Salad Surgery. There's a boxset, called Return of the Manticore, which contains most of their best stuff. But, it's a hodge-podge of songs that doesn't do the band justice. Stick with the individual albums. HTH.....

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I'm not a big fan of prog, but Emerson, Lake, & Palmer are amazing. Check out Trilogy or their self titled album.

One of my favorite bands, Kansas, can definitely be considered prog at times. Point of Know Return is a good album to start with. I think for as little recognition as they get they've been one of the most influential bands ever. I hear hints of their sound everywhere from power metal to Nobuo Uematsu.

Satch is decent too, especially on Crystal Planet and Engines of Creation.

Liquid Tension Experiment's 2 is probably the most interesting straight up prog album I've heard, but you already have that.

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