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The official unofficial Megatokyo conversation thread

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Woah, that comic is still going?


Well, when pushed to the edge like that.

I'm sure Piro will drag her away or something.

Yeah. She does seem to let her emotions get the best of her (remember when she was doing the voice acting? yeah, she cried because she got really into the part)

and knowing fred, he probably will make piro have some intervention =p

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Yeah, and what's sad, is even though he left, the story still went on but so many people don't give a crap anymore

It wouldn't be so bad if it just wasn't so damn melodramatic. I read it for a few months after Largo left but I just felt bored and felt like I was reading a romance manga, which is not something I want to do when I read an online comic.

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Online comics should be funny (Dinosaur comics, VGcats, older CAD had some good comics before "OMG DRAMA" (plus tim is a fucking pedo), Sexy losers, PA) Megatokyo isn't funny, it's boring. Also why does all the dialogue have triangle brackets around it?

if you notice how fred refers to it, he says "online comic/manga doujinshi".

it does indeed have it's funny moments, but right now it is kind of boring

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I think he should bring back, well, Largo, comedy, and anything else remotely interesting that died when people stopped giving a shit. How many people read it still? I'm guessing its not as many is it was.

In all honesty, I might go back and dig through to find the SGD. Dom was retarded but funny

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Jesus christ people, this isn't a "bitch about how you don't like Megatokyo" thread. It's a "those of us who DO read it and enjoy it will talk about it" thread. Is there some rule that says webcomics have to be funny? It says "Online manga/doujinshi". Not "brainless, storyless, generic video game comic."

And I hope Kimiko does it, just to see the expressions on the characters' faces.

I think that means the characters are talking in Japanese.

XD;; No offense but has that dude even lived for more than a short time in Japan?

XD;; No offense but he's spent more time there than you have...

Have you ever realized how ridiculously elitist you sound when talking about matters relating to Japan? Just thought I'd ask.

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