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My miniatures

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Everyone here seems to be an amazing artist in one way or another and it makes me jealous, so I'll post the closest thing I do to any type of visual art: my painted WARMACHINE miniatures.



I really like this one, unfortunately the paint is chipping on his hat, fingers, lapel, and various other places.


The lighting came out kind of bad on this one.


Eh, I'm not entirely pleased with the way this one turned out, especially the gold.


I'm REALLY proud of this one, but unfortunately the picture makes it look kind of muddy and gross. I'm especially pleased with the highlighting on the lower half as it was the first time I've ever tried that technique. EDIT: It doesn't look so horribly exaggerated on the actual model since it's about an inch tall.

Blah, I wish I were a better painter, but at the same time I'm reasonably satisfied with my abilities.

I know CF also has some pictures of a few of his models that are painted pretty well *hint hint*

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Suppose I'll post some of mine. I've been painting some stuff recently that I think is a LOT better, but I haven't had a chance to take pictures of it yet, being that I am without a digital camera right now.



Here's a couple pictures of my Gun Mage Lieutenant. He's a pretty rockin' guy. This was one of the first models I ever painted, actually, and that being said I really like him, especially his face and his shoulderpads.


This here is a Stormblade Lieutenant that I don't like too much. It's a really good model, I'm just not very pleased with the paintjob.


A Monster Hunter I painted without much color. Not too much of an issue, since I think he should be mostly black.


Unfortunately I don't have a picture of this dude's back, it's by far the best part of the model (I think I painted that bit after I took the picture). That being said, though, this guy is one of my favorite models.

As I said some of the stuff I've been doing lately I like a lot more. Just got to get a blasted camera!

Also, Galkar, we gotta have a painting party soon. Because as you can all see, we take this stuff deadly serious.


Second Edit: It's kind of working now. Photobucket is being shitty and Flickr is shitty.

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New miniatures and pics, thanks to yonder digital camera.



Khadoran Widowmaker; I really like this model.






My Thrall Warrior came out great, I think.





This model, Alexia Ciannor, I tried a bunch of new stuff on. Highlighting and more detail work (THE EYES WERE SO INSANE) than I've ever done before. I think it turned out cool.

EDIT: Yuck, these pictures are kind of terrible, I'm still getting the hang of this photography thing.

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