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the I just got back from the library! Thread (II)


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- An Unfortunate Woman by Richard Brautigan*

- Age of Anxiety by W.H. Auden (again, i am going to finish this darnit)

* just finished, it was not very good, there was not enough literary space in it. I don't think if he'd been alive he would have wanted it published. The problem was he was writing it like a diary, and it'd be things like "I think I'll go take a long walk to think about this. Okay, I took a long walk." xD you know, and also he goes so many places it is hard to keep track even though that is sort of the point, it was pretty funny though, i read it in like two hours.

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I think this thread does better in the summer when there's no school. The other day I got

The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien (It's short stories about the Vietnam War. I recommend, I was going to tell a story about why I got it but now that I read it it's not really funny)

Two books on government boarding schools for my history paper

A biography of Coco Chanel, since I read in a magazine an article by her granddaughter, who said her grandmother taught her to always remove her makeup before sleeping, and that she always did, every night. I read this last year and I still think about it all the time

Reading Lolita in Tehran

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on the road!

I don't see why everyone dislikes "part I" or whatever. I found the parts with Neal Cassady to be boring, I thought Sal Paradise was the most beautiful character ever, like falling in love with all of these women at the train station instantly and one time I read the whole exchange between Sal Paradise and that Mexican girl who calls him a pimp in front of my biology class and everyone loved it (they've never heard of the Beat Generation before, of course.)

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Well... I was at the used bookstore, close enough to the library for me.

"Grimm's Fairy Tales" by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

Volumes 1-3 of Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess's "Stardust"

"Beautiful Losers" by Leonard Cohen

"The Palm at the End of the Mind" by Wallace Stevens

"The New Book/A Book of Torture" by Michael McClure

"Duino Elegies" by Rainer Maria Rilke and translated (and signed) by Robert Hunter (the lyricist for The Grateful Dead)

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