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A Zombie Halloween

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It looks like gorehounds and horror aficionados everywhere now know what Rob Zombie's post-The Devil's Rejects follow-up will be. He's taking on a remake/re-imagining/reboot of Carpenter's classic: Halloween.

I know there's quite a few people out there who do not enjoy remakes of any kind and to a certain degree I would consider myself one of them. But my distaste for remakes is not due to the projects themselves but to who're attached to them. More often than not, unknown directors with no talent for filmmaking outside of making MTV-style music videos end up getting pegged for such projects. There's a few remakes that have exceeding my expectations (Aja's The Hills Have Eyes and Snyder's Dawn of the Dead) and it looks like the powers that be at Dimension may have done something right by handing the reins of Carpenter's baby over to one of this generation's rising horror director's in Rob Zombie.

It won't be a sequel and will most likely take the concept and story of the first film, but with Zombie giving it his own spin and flavor. Will it be more about tension and terror like the original? Or will Zombie give it the hellbilly-exploitation flavor that made The Devil's Rejects such a classic in the making? Maybe it'll be both and if Zombie can pull that off then he'll join Romero, Carpenter, Hooper, and Craven (70's to early 80's version) in my Horror Directors Hall of Fame.

You can read Zombie's own admission and acknowledgement of his involvement in his MySpace Blog (MySpace I consider more insidious and evil than all horror films put together).

Rob Zombie's MySpace Blog

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It is... Superbeasto, based off his own comic. This is going to be after that. Superbeasto is almost done anyway.

I think someone had corrected me about Superbeasto and told me he was only writing and producing the animated flick.

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