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Comprehensive list for PS2 Guncon2 games?

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Time Crisis 2

Crisis Zone

End Game

Dino Stalker

Vampire Night

Ninja Assault

Starsky and Hutch

Gunfighter II

Think that's all of them that were released in the US for PS2. There are more import games that use the GC2 then US releases. Only imports I have are Biohazard: Gun Survivor 2 and Virtua Cop Re-Birth, though, but you can probably find a much bigger list googling "Gun-Con 2 import".

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Thanks. I'm just looking for domestic releases :) My PS2 isn't modded, and it's so old there's no point in modding it now.

You're not missing out on much, as many of the JP/PAL releases are bad ports. Even Resident Evil/Biohazard Gun Survivor 2 is much more fun in the arcade.

Sadly, lightgun games are becoming a dead genera.

As for a GC2 being backwords compatible, no, it's not, unfortunally. The original GC isn't rare, though, and relatively cheap. It's worth a pick up since the PS1 has a much larger base of light gun games then PS2 does, and you're missing out on awesome titles like the original Time Crisis and Elemental Gearbolt.

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