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Most annoying thing on this site


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There's something wrong if you can only identify a friend by name. D:

That's like never getting it right when people cover your eyes and ask "Guess who?".

Yeah, but here all we have to go by is text and pictures. Both of which are often being changed as well.

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I kind of like being able to change my name. And at some point in the near future I will be doing a major overhaul of my screen names (AIM, email, this place, etc) because Ceraziefish, while it served me well for a long, long time, is getting old.

My friend tried to do that once, and we just called his Susie or some other random girls name until he accepted that his original screen name was good enough for him. Don't make me do that to you Ceraziefish... :mad:

As for name changes, yeah sometimes their annoying, but I like the option being there, and it isn't really that hard to open up someone's profile and look at their name history. Any changes personally made to my name would probably still contain my original screen name in it, ex. "Now with 10% more Belial" that I used a couple months ago. The biggest thing that annoys me about all of this is trying to figure out what to call someone who changes their name.

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