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What will you be listening on 6/6/06?


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So as many of you know, tomorrow is 6/6/06, which is like 666 because zeroes never matter. I want to celebrate this special occasion. I have a copy of Reign In Blood, but I don't want to listen to it all day. So, I want to make a nice satanic mix and honestly I'm kind of drawing a blank. All I can think of are...

Iron Maiden- "The Number of The Beast"

Metallica- "Devils Dance"

Anthrax- "Belly Of The Beast"

Dimmu Borgir- "AntiChrist"

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i'll probably be sitting here the rest of the night, random stuff playing is...

luciferion - "on the wings of the emperor"

old man's child - "unholy vivid innocence"

ribspreader - "worms inside your coffin"

possessed - "death metal"

disincarnate - "sea of tears"

oppressor - "carnal voyage"

bethlehem - "aphel..."

suffo - "reincremation"

death - "zombie ritual"

tankard - "shaken not stirred"

anorexia nervosa - "mother anorexia"

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