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I already burned Come Clarity to a CD and have been listening to it quite a bit today (on my breaks at work) and such.

Current Track: In Flames - Pacing Death's Trail (one of the really enjoyable tracks, by the way)

Honestly, after Soundtrack... how can anyone find this album a DISAPPOINTMENT? I mean... you can't actually expect Whoracle 2.0 or something. But it's a huge step back in the right direction, if you ask me. I mean, BY GOD, I think I heard a GUITAR. I shit you not.

Also, I'll be buying my In Flames & Trivium ticket as soon as it goes on sale. Fuck all y'all naysayers.

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I mean, BY GOD, I think I heard a GUITAR. I shit you not.


It's a sad day when the presence of guitars is considered a big deal. Shit this one band I listen to? They have 3 drummers. 3 FUCKING DRUMMERS. They're so hardcore.

Anyway, T.O.N. - Glass Walls of Limbo (Dance Mix)

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Hey look.. it's me again. Finally decided to turn off the In Flames for a while.

A While Ago: Catamenia - Iced Over

Previous: Concerto Moon - Concerto Moon

Current: Dissection - Where Dead Angels Lie

Next: Valkyrie Profile - Light Mist

Later: Blood Stain Child - eM Solution

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