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What are you listening to?


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Anaal Nathrakh - Oil On The Sores Of Lepers

The new Anaal Nathrakh is dominating my ears and it's so much better than I was hoping for.

You bitches need to give this shit a try. It's like Codex Necro meets Hell Is Empty with super tight production.

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ya, it's good. i can't listen to much brootal music right now tho :closedeyes:

<---- TOC - "blue lady"


toe - "[japanese stuff]"

I feel you, but I on the other hand have been thriving on it lately :headbang:

Anaal Nathrakh - The Lucifer Effect

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it totally quenched my thirst for Deathspell Omega i had when i got home earlier tho, haha

<---torche - "little champion" (been a while since i said it, but i fucking LOVE Meanderthal :wub:)


twilightning - "into treason" :wub: :wub:


vrain - "believer" (oh geez, i haven't heard this in like three years)


oceansize - "catalyst" (i started listening to these guys all the time again lately :mario: :mario: )

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