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Accelerated Evolution

my new band: Eternal Starscape


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oh man, i really didn't like the shredding in the middle. the mellower passage at the end worked way better

and your drummer sounds like he's not trying

and listening to vanden plas RIGHT after your song doesn't help :'B

The shredding solos right before the mellow part? (guitar then keyboard?) Or the Bass / Guitar unison around the 2:10 (or somthing) mark

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"Soldier of Isolation"

1. Too boring.

2. Your drummer isn't even playing the same song, I don't think.

3. The levels are too high on the drums and not high enough on the guitars.

"Under the Reign of..."

1. I'm going to punch your drummer.

2. The levels are more balanced but still crap

3. You guys aren't that progressive and if it weren't for the guitar, you wouldn't really be metal.

Final analysis: You guys are good but I just hope you have more live presence.

I missed the part where you said you were just in a room with one mic. That'll solve half your problems there. Though you could probably do with some pedals to make your lead guitar heavier.

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