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CGI in films... Good or Evil?

CGI in films... Good or Evil?  

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  1. 1. Do you like CG effects in films?

    • Yes - its a tool to help filmmakers
    • No - should be banned from use
    • Don't really care

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Since its early use in Ron Howard's Willow the use of CG has really grown in use in the last 20 or so years. Sometimes, the use of CG effects are well-done though there's still alot of films that seem to think heavy use of CG effects will make for a better product. Are you of the ultra-traditionalist that think CG of any form just makes a film look fake and not as believable? Do you think that CG effects, like any tool of the film trade, is just that a tool? A tool that could either be used judiciously to help a director achieve the scene he wants made that traditional effects can't pull off.

Also, what are example of what you all think are great CG use in film and awful use of it.

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CG is getting to a point where it's finally worth it... Anyone remember Lost in Space? Yuck.

You know I still haven't seen that movie despite it having been shown on cable many times. I don't mind CG as long as its not used as a crutch by filmmakers. Some films have no choice to but to rely heavily on its use (LOTR, Star Wars, etc..) due to the fact the film's are based off of make-believe locations. But when a horror movie suddenly goes CG heavy instead of relying on tried-and-tested make-up and practical effects then the fakery does show. One thing CG still hasn't show it can achieve with a modicum of realism are blood effects.

Also, Gimpilazzo, where you find your XB Live sig?

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Gratuitous CGI is the bane of my existance. Cases in point...

Matrix Reloaded

Matrix Revolutions

The Beacon-hills of Gondor fires in LotR:RotK really pissed me off

All of the new Star Wars movies (George Lucas is the only motherfucker in the world who can use so many amazing special effects that they become trite.)

I would probably go on, but I'll spare you.

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I like CG in movies (live action films) up to a certain point. After that it's overkill.

On a side note, the traditional hand drawn animation known as Disney is no more. They switched to 100% CG & pretty much let go most of the 2D staff! Fuck you DISNEY!!! Yeah. I can't fucking stand 100% CG animation. I will never go to the theater to watch another cartoon again. The world of traditional hand drawn 2D animation has come to its end. Good thing I never jumped on that animation career that I always wanted to do.

*Holds on to Bambi, Snow White, Dumbo, Peter Pan, & sobs.* ( ;o;)

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Some films have no choice to but to rely heavily on its use (Star Wars, etc..)

I don't think this is necessarily true. The original trilogy didn't use much CG (while a lot of it was done with computers, most of it was an real image just superimposed), and looked quite good, especially for the time. I still think the way they did the ships in space (moving a camera past a small stationary model of the ship) looks much better even than some current CG ships.

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