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Video Game Review Thread Intro

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Welcome to AE's review thread! Just some basic things to get out of the way:

1) The games I review will basically be games from my personal collection, or games I've happened to rent. Many people who are long-established gamers probably already have an opinion of the games I'm going to review. If you're new to gaming, though, this thread is for you.

2) As with any review, the reviews are my opinion. If the game I reviewed didn't get a good score, seek a second opinion.

3) Many of the games I review will be console games, so don't look for PC reviews from me, specifically.

4) Bearing #3 in mind, I accept reviews from other AE posters. PM me if you want me to post your review; don't worry, you'll get all the credit.

5) I don't accept requests to review games, but as #4 says, if you play it and review it, I'll happily post it.

6) I will revise and edit reviews at my own discretion. In general, I will check for spelling, grammar, and usage. If the review is biased in some way that I feel is not right (i.e. this game sucks because it's final fantasy, and I'm so tired of FF) then I will not post it, or will edit comments like the one in parenthesis out.

7) Don't flame me because I gave a game you like a bad rating. You may, however, critique my review. Feedback is always welcome. Remember that I'm reviewing these games for you, the reader :)

8) This list is subject to change, and I will update it as necessary.

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