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Scores at-a-glance

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I'll post scores here for all the games I've reviewed so far. Each line will contain the title(system in parenthesis), the score, the date posted, and author of the review. This will be updated as I review additional games.

Burnout Revenge (PS2): 8/10 posted: 6/6/06 by Shadowcast

Soul Calibur III (PS2): 7/10 posted: 6/6/06 by Shadowcast

Drakengard 2 (PS2): 8.5/10 posted: 6/10/06 by Shadowcast

Endgame (PS2): 5.0/10 posted: 6/23/06 by Shadowcast

New Super Mario Bros (NDS): 8/10 posted:6/30/06 by Char (Animenation)

Point Blank (NDS): 10/10 posted 6/30/06 by Char (Animenation)

Asphault 2: Urban GT (NDS): 8/10 posted 2/24/07 by ShadowCast

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This topic will feature only scores from games that have been reviewed on this thread. As you can see on the thread the reviews are posted. This specific topic is for the scores of the reviews, at a glance. Instead of reading each and every review...it's sort of a table of contents.

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