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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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2005 1.40

2004 1.53

2003 1.57

2002 1.63

2001 1.49





1998 1.48

1997 1.39

1996 1.34

1995 1.26

1994 1.29

1993 1.24

1992 1.17

1991 1.14

1990 1.19

1989 1.26

1988 1.08

1987 1.09

These are the admissions statistics in billions of the last couple years. I'm sure there are many reasons for this, but your saying they wern't making down right shitty movies a couple years ago? I believe it has to do with downloading movies on the internet.

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The remake looked very polished and even when Nispel and crew tried to make it less film-like with oversaturated and over-exposingg of film, it still looked like you were watching a movie. The original was something closer to Cannibal Holocaust in execution. The film looked like a documentary. But then I think that final look and feel may have been due to the fact that Tobe Hooper was on a budget and was using a lesser quality stock of film.

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