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Calling All Counter-Strikers!


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Inbetween skill nerfs and build fads, myself and a few other members of my Guild Wars...guild have started what could very loosely be called a group for Counter-Strike: Source. We are known by the time-honored name of Throbbing Meat Sandwich, or [TMS], although you are free to attach whatever words you want to the acronym. We are currently accepting applications for membership into the clan, except by 'applications' we mean 'bribes', and by 'membership' we mean 'the opportunity to put up with our shit', and by 'clan' we mean 'cocks dicks lol'. A few ground rules to consider:

1) We have no map server. We leech off of PA's Vent server. We don't have steady members. Hell, we really don't have a clan, persay. We just kind of get together to rip shit up whenever there are people on.

2) You must have XFire to organize games and join servers. You must have Vent in order to listen to the massive amounts of shit-talking we do.

3) THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT: We fuck with people. We say really offensive shit to piss people off when they get on our cases. We retaliate against cheating admins by organizing camp-outs and slinging slurrs against pretty much anything. We have crude names, my personal favorites being Rod Plungedeep, Also Cocks, and Dick Poundslab. Along with playing the game, this is how we have our fun. If you don't wanna join in, or if you're going to be a wet blanket, join another group. I think F7 is taking new members to compensate for their small dicks...I mean, recent influx of pubbies.

4) You must be able to understand a thick Canadian accent or two. Also, you must know your Hard Gay videos and be able to quote them.

If any of this interests you, add Kreutz to your XFire list. We're usually knee-deep in a pub server around 9:00 Central during the week, and anytime between 12:00 PM and 11:59 AM on the weekends.

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