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Transformers the Movie

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I lol'd.

Report: Xbox 360 in Transformers film

Review of leaked script to Michael Bay's upcoming robofest mentions a transforming Xbox 360.

By Tim Surette, GameSpot

Posted Jun 9, 2006 1:57 pm PT

If reports from the Web are any indication, the upcoming Transformers movie is taking a few liberties with the classic toys to give it a modern feel. (Editor's note: Possible spoilers ahead--read with caution.)

Bumblebee, known classically as a yellow Volkswagen Beetle, is being supped-up as a canary-colored Camaro. Megatron, the Decepticon leader who transformed into a powerful gun, may take the alternate form of an alien ship in the movie. And Soundwave, everyone's favorite boombox, may be scrapped in favor of the CD-slinging Soundbyte.

Robert Sanchez, editor of The Movie Reporter, a Web site that covers entertainment, claims to have gotten his hands on the film's script and reveals a few more new Transformers that may make it into the movie.

"I almost forgot to mention one of the most stupid scenes in the script," he writes on the site. "For reasons that I won't get into, we see an iPod, Xbox 360, and plasma screens sprout legs and transform just a bit." It's unclear whether the Xbox 360 Transformer is an Autobot or Decepticon.

For more information on the movie, check out the film's teaser Web site, which went live today. Activision is currently developing Transformers games for unspecified consoles and handhelds.

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There is a lot of talk of interesting casting choices, or overly blatant product placement that has been unparalleled since Men in Black 2, but I think we're all missing the most important point.

Michael Bay is directing. 'Nuff said.


*chase scene*



*chase scene*



*explosion during chase scene*



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