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AnimExpo2006!! (^o^ ) <3

Anime Gee

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http://www.anime-expo.org <-- July 1 to 4 in Anaheim, California, right next door to Disneyland!!

So yeah. Mr. Jones & I will be video staff this year. Any of you going? We can do lots of neat things! Like take pictures with Mr. Jones, go out to eat, drink lots of beer, & maybe even go to Disneyland!!! (^o^ ) <3


^ Photos. (^o^ ) <3


^ Insanity. ( @_@) <3

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hahaha. those are so awesome

does Mr. Jones hang out on your shoulder while you're walking around or something?

I'll put him on my head or other people will carry him.


What happened next was awesome. All kinds of people were coming over to giv hiim a hug! ( ^o^) <3





I'll be resizing a bunch of photos soon. ( ^o^) <3

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NO! I have been going to great lengths to plan a roadtrip to Otakon, and we can't even have an AE meetup? :ohmy:

Probably not. Too much money really. I seriously am strapped for cash. With the exception of MUCC (Who apparently aren't even playing much, if anything) none of the guests interest me. And the people I'd once again be forced to hang out with (on virtue of them not leaving me alone) annoy me.

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