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Mount Hyjal (56K warning)

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My friend and I were bored today so we decided to get into Hyjal. After minimal searching on Thottbot for how to do it, we found a video that showed how to get in without using the auto-unstuck feature to bypass the invisible walls. The following screenshots ensued:

After running up a path a little ways, we came to this gate


Inside was a pleasant wooded area with a path going up the mountain. Following the path brought us past the entrance to an instance that apparently has exactly the same layout as Onyxia's lair


this cool tower


to some ruined temple area


and then to this huge crater. Does anyone know their Warcraft history well enough to know what it's from?


Then after a cool lake (I went a little cheesey with the chat)


and a good look at the peak


we saw the old world tree(?) off in the distance


which had a really cool skeleton at the bottom that my friend said was of Archmonde.


And finally the thing that convinced me that they don't want to keep people out of unfinished areas nearly as much as they claim to:


It was certainly worth the gold and a half he had to spend to get his equipment fixed after getting killed by the level 60 elite fell hunters roaming Darkwhisper Gorge.

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