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The Diet Thread

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Yesterday I found out I wieghted 163 lb. For the longest time my wieght hovered around 153 to 155, which is supposedly my "perfect wieght" according to my docter. So anyway, I'm considering going on a diet of some kind in addition to starting a regular work out routine to get rid of those nasty pounds before I go down to Florida later this summer Anyone know of a good diet plan that allows me to lose wieght and feel great etc.? I eat fairly healthy already (hardley ever drink soda or eat junk food), so I probably need to change my eating habits somehow~

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A friend of mine changes his eating habits to 6 small meals a day instead of 3 regular meals. Most of his small meals were fruits, vegetables, meat and little carbs. And he said he didn't eat until he was full or fully hungry, he just ate at equal intervals during his day. Along with that, he had a regular workout routine.

He looks great - don't know how that worked out because during weekends, he'd be eating fast food and stuff.

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The most important tip about dieting is to not change anything drastically in a short amount of time, and always eat three meals a day. If you cut out meals you're going to fail.

And never go on a crash diet. No matter how much people tell you that you can lose such and such amount of weight for eating grapefruit or whatever, just don't.

Another big piece of advice would be to keep a food journal for a week or two. That means taking a small sheet of paper and writing down every single thing you eat and drink. This will help you to see how much fatty stuff and soda you're actually eating and drinking.

It may seem stupid, but for people that say they only drink small amounts of soda or eat very little snacks, are usually the ones eating too much of the stuff in the first place.

As for changes in exercise, walk. Plain and simple. Don't run, jog, sprint or anything that makes your feet go faster then they normally would when walking. If you want to lose weight walking is one of the best and simplest things you can do.

Just take about a 30 min walk continuously every day.

For working out, first off, if you're not very social or have many friends who want to work out with you, don't join a gym. Most out of shape people feel inadequate against all the muscle heads there, and often most of those guys will be pricks. It's just a waste of money since you already have everything to need to get in shape right in your home.

Couple of gallon jugs of water or milk help, as they can be a great substitute for barbells, especially if you're not too fit to being with.

And eat whatever the fuck you want. Don't cut out sweets or suger entirely (except for soda), because you'll binge. Just eat in moderation and walk every day.

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skipping a meal isn't bad if your not hungry, dont eat if your not hungry. wait till your hungry, and even then eat lighter. And by all means STAY AWAY FROM PEANUT BUTTER. that shits terrible for you.

also, stay away from corn syrup as much as you can.

Not being hungry has nothing to do with it. Skipping meals will throw off your metabolism.

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The 6 meals a day is a good idea if they're small enough, like 400 cals each, or e.g. breakfast: apple+peanut butter+glass of milk, and all the meals are that size. Possibly bigger for you since you're a guy and will be exercising

Really what worked for me was writing down whatever I ate, I'd be like "Yeah I really don't want to have to write down 'Five Giant Chili Dogs''" so I ate less

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Also, don't weigh yourself - weight is a number and it fluctuates greatly. Whether you've just pissed or eaten or anything can really change your weight.

I wouldn't rule out weighing yourself altogether, it's a good way to gauge your progress if you do it correctly. You should only weigh yourself once a week at the same time, I usually do it every Monday as soon as I wake up. If you weigh yourself every couple days or so, you will notice that your weight fluctuates about 5 pounds up and down, and that can steer you in the wrong direction.

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Eat slowly; for some reason, your body takes a while to tell your brain that it's full, so if you eat fast, you'll eat more than you need.

DDR seems to work well, a buddy of mine went down a belt size (whatever the hell that means in actual weight) just from playing it recreationally every day. Plus, after a while you'll get good and you can show up your friends.

I agree with whoever said not to weigh youself too often. I fasted for three days for my black belt and lost somewhere around 14 lbs. Two days later I had put the majority of it back on; just to give you an example of how much your weight can fluctuate.

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