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Chaos Wars


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I guess I really like Growlanser characters. lol

My initial team is...

Carmaine (Growlanser 1 and 2)

Yuri (Shadow Hearts 1 and 2)

Beyond the Grave aka Brandon Heat (Gungrave)

Lyell (Growlanser 2)

and Rin (Chaos Wars)

the other 5 people I used when I want to switch ti around a bit are...

Zeon (Growlanser 5)

Alice (Shadow Hearts 1)

Kurando (Shadow Hearts 2)

Hiro (Spectral Souls)

and Takeru (no idea Mars something)

The game is simple enough. It plays like one of those Nipon Ichi games. The story is lacking, but whatever. I wish more rpgs(companies) would do these collaborations.

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