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My cat

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So my cat got out some time between today and yesterday and we have been out calling for her and can't find her. I was just about to finish the last bit of math I needed to do to get credit in calculus when my mom told me and now I can't focus on anything at all. This cat has gotten outside twice before and both times we've found her near the house completely terrified, but I really have no idea if we're going to find her again and I'm really freaking out.

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Mine is definately an indoor cat. She always tries to get out the door when it's open out of curiosity, but then is immediately completely terrified, and the two times she got out without us noticing, when we found her she was shaking with fear almost completely immobilized.

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Our cat is just like that, he got out three times by accident, only he hides in the neighbor's shed since other cats have marked our yard as territory o_O

Try looking places near your house that other cats don't go, or places that would be good for a cat to hide. She probably didn't go that far since she's so scared. I hope you find her <3

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Thank god last night at about 1:30 I was about to go to bed, but I decided to firt go out and call a bit, and when I did, I heard a little cry coming from the neighbours' yard, so I kept calling and heard it again and ran to where it was and called until she came out looking really scared but still purring and obviously happy to see me.

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Scene 1: Galkar's house

Galkar: Where the fuck is my cat?

*Goes outside.*

Scene 2: Outside

Galkar: I can't find my cat.

Scene 3: The Internet


neko_pen14: lolz

Scene 4: Outside

Galkar: Oh shit it's my cat.

Galkar's cat: Curses! My daring plan to escape, foiled by... Heyyy, food!


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