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AE radio ??

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i vaguely remember a few years ago Wind made a little internet radio thing on AN. how hard is it to put stuff like that together? (even if it's only like an hour)

it would be pretty rad if people could throw a little playlist together and show other members new stuff without having to upload it and shit

Easy as hell. When Comcast stops being evil I'm going to talk to my friend about it. I'll get back to you. But you can just upload a playlist or something and have it played in Winamp, that's the main player for it.

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Ventrilo and Teamspeak are both Voice-Over IP programs, mainly used in gaming, but you can set it up so that one person's microphone input is hooked up to their speaker output.

The whole IP address thing is basically how you guys would connect to a server that any one of us runs.

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