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Let's discuss... "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy!


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I think the concept is stupid. Heavily Catholic countries are legalizing marriage/unions and it has had no negative effect on society! Homosexuality is present in a lot of species, and homosexuals are totally normal. They just love and make love to members of their own sex.

The only upside to this is that I can make and leak a video of me buttfucking a guy and get out of the army if bi-polar and a dual-citizenship won't get me out. Like hell the army would get me my meds on time. Me with no meds + stressful battlefield situation = me flipping out, shooting my squad leader in the back of the head while he sleeps, lighting the camp on fire, and commiting suicide.

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Well... to quote a term paper I wrote for government class:

This policy [Don't Ak, Don't Tell] and the “seven core army values” which the army claims are the heart of military service provides an interest (GoArmy.com). To follow the value of integrity a soldier must “do and say nothing that deceives others” (GoArmy.com) and to follow the value of Personal Courage which demands that one “continues forward on the [morally] right path, especially if taking these actions are not popular with others” (GoArmy.com). In other words, following the values which define “what being a Soldier is all about” would cause a homosexual or bisexual soldier to be discharged from the army.

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I think gay sex is illegal in like half the country :P Anyway Don't Ask Don't Tell is obviously idiotic and I hope they change it but at the same time I don't really care since I'm a white suburban female and I don't understand how anyone would want to join the army and it's an easy way out.

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Everyone knows that homosexuality is a disease made by jews during the christianization of europe to stop the aryan race from breeding. They new that the aryan race was far superior and that they needed a disease to stop them from rising to power. With their Jewish pagan magic, they created homo-teria. They sent a strain of homo-teria to San francisco on a migratory bird before The America's were 'officially' discovered.

it slowly found its way into the ground water and immediatly began infecting the local birds and indian population, but because they're bodies had no aryan blood flowing through them, the disease remained dormant. every child born from an infected mother then recieved the 'Homo-teria'

After the Aryan Race landed on the shores of america and began moving westward, they finally came on the sprawling (and then Hetero) indan city of san francisco. Soon however they realized that they're men and women were no longer longer breeding and the few aryans that were clean or resistant to the homo-teria fled to mount shasta. There they dug fiercly into the mountain and created they're own city, Arayanopolis. And there they remain, untouched and uknown. Aryanopolis is located within the mountain and can not be seen from the outide, this is where they lay and wait for the nuclear war that will sterilize the earth of homo-teria...

A secret gov. agency knows this and keeps in contact with the Aryanopolites. This is why the pentagon classifies it as a disorder. It has worked itself into the genes of humanity!!!

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