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As if we forgot this happened 5 years ago

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Thats the link to the trailer for the 911 movie directed by oliver stone starring Nicholas Cage. Just wanted to see what you guys think of this, I think its bullshit even if its got big stars, 911 wasnt that long ago, people remember what the fuck happened. if they wanted to make this movie they should have waited another 5 or 6 years for it to be pushed a little further back in our heads, you cant revive a story thats still being talked about all the time.

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This is the second one, there's a third one with Adam Sandler coming out too.

Where he makes goofy noises to distract the terrorists?

Sandler: abby doobie abby doobie! Gahhhhhh! doo dood oood.

Terrorist: What in the name of allah is he doing?!

Terrorist2: I don't know but it makes me want to land this plane safely, and not crash it into a tall building.

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Yeah, I was just thinking that. But it could be argued that movies about civilians being killed by twats are not as in good taste as a story about the conflict of two nations.

There was a TON of Pear Harbor propaganda. We spent an entire hour-long history class looking at WWII propaganda actually. Walt Disney did a ton, as did Warner Bros. It could be argued Casablanca is U.S. propaganda. Though I'd prefer to argue that it's just an anti-fascist film.

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Pearl Harbor ? 9/11

Pearl Harbor was an attack, by the Japanese military, on an American military base.

I think making a 9/11 movie is in pretty poor taste.

American soldiers are still Americans. The fact that Pearl Harbor was an attack on a military site doesn't make it any less or more tragic.

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