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Fasting as in not eating/drinking for two days straight or fasting as only eating+drinking between sunset and sunrise and not inbetween sunrise and sunset?

I've done the latter -- its not difficult...its easier if you're sleeping haha...cuz the days are waaay longer. It's harder if you haven't done it before -- and it gets easier if you do it more days in a row...cuz I fast during Ramadan -- and thats 30 days...but its eating+drinking before sunrise and then eating+drinking after sunset -- it's not hard. First few days are since you're not use to it...but after that its EASY -- so...yeah.

It's easiest on the weekends cuz you can just sleep...

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Fasting as in not eating and only drinking water or maybe tea for a day or two.

Oh, thats easier than not eating or drinking anything in between. If you don't have anything to do on those two days -- I would say just sleep...its so much easier that way.

But, if you do have things to do -- don't just sit around...occupy yourself -- its the best way you and your body gets your mind off of not eating. When I have school and have to fast -- occupying myself in school doing things like actually listening or music or reading or whatever keeps my mind off not having eaten and what not.

Hope that kinda helps.

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I had to fast for three days for my black belt test. It wasn't difficult 99% of the time, but my friends, being my friends, made sure to rub it in my face that I couldn't eat.


-Ease into it; don't stuff yourself Tuesday when you're fasting Wednsday.

-Ease out of it; don't fast Wednsday and stuff yourself Thursday morning (actually, this might be fine if you're only doing it one day, but much longer and it's a bad idea.)

-Keep occupied; every minute your mind isn't on eating is a minute you don't realize you haven't eaten in days.

-Take a laxitive the first night; appearently your body doesn't move everything in your stomach out when you begin fatsing, so some of the things you've eaten will begin to rot inside you, not good. (Also not neccesary with only one day fasting)

-When you break the fast, do so with small amounts of fruits and vegtables, primarily things that will help get your digestive system working again (such as prunes). I ate raw spinach and it didn't effect my stomache at all, so I'd personally suggest that.

One final bit of advice, if you go for a few days, break the fast with foods that aren't too terribly tasty. I had spinach and God-awful beets in order to get my body back to being used to food. That night I ate a Rueben sandwitch that was bigger than my head, and it was the most delicious thing I've ever had. By denying yourself good food for longer, the first time you eat something good is so much better than normal. (Just keep in mind that you've got to spend time getting your body back to normal before you eat anything big)

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i used to be sort of anorexic so i know a lot about fasting.

I think one of the things that works best is exercise. For some reason when I'm hungry and I go out running ect I don't feel hungry anymore.

I think fasting is a great thing, especially if you drink tea or coffee (both without sugar or milk or anything). It really does something to your thought process. one time fasted I listened to pink floyd and just drank tea and stayed up for like two days.

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