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Religious Bullshit

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God looked on and saw all of the war machines of the Revolutionary Council rolling up the hill, in their chaotic, sometimes mechanical forms. The writhing pieces of machinery had vaguely formed themselves into vehicles to begin the march up the hill, to the gates of Heaven.

The souls of the damned joined arms with the mortals from Earth. All of them were united in purpose to throw down the Gates of Heaven and crush forever God’s false self-idolatry.

And there, at the head of them all, was the man God had created to serve. Gabriel. The most powerful angel of any choir. The one meant to do all of God’s works on Earth.

God spoke.

“Do you not understand what you are doing? I am God. I am the ultimate. I am perfection, I am power, I am everything that cannot be. You can never hope to defeat me.”

Not since Biblical times had God spoken so clearly to his people; but it was to no avail. They were driven by an anger more powerful than his words. He could not sway them.

“You must not know what I am capable of doing. I can unmake everything here. I can unmake everything. And you will drive me to it.”

His booming voice filled the ears of every person there. But it gave pause to no one. They continued their march to the Gates. St. Peter looked at God uncomfortably. He knew that no matter what happened, it would be the most important day of eternity.

God realized the futility of his shouting. He had given these people a penchant for fervor; he knew exactly how stubborn they would be. He knew he had to make good on his threat.

“Let there be darkness.”

And no one could see. There was no longer land to stand on, no longer gravity to be pulled by, no longer time to live in. The people of the universe were afloat in the land between universes. Or perhaps there was no universe; but they were all plunged into darkness, hopeless, eternal, infinite darkness.

“I cast you out. I had cast you into hell, but now I see that even that was a mercy. You will now face absolution. You and everything you know will die, without ever seeing the light again.” God fell silent, giving them time to realize what was happening.

People screamed, cried, and felt worthless. Except for one man, Gabriel, who opened his eyes and saw. He saw everything, every moment of history, every person who ever had been and was ever going to be; and he knew that there was a future. He saw every possible chemical combination; he saw all the lives of all the stars. He knew that it didn’t end like this. His vision gave him hope, and he pushed just a little bit further.

He looked at his hand. It glowed faintly, enough for him to see the man at his left, and the woman at his right by. They had been marching next to him when God spoke. He did not know them, but he knew how to save them.

“Look!” he called. “Look! We do not need God’s light! We make our own! Every living thing, we make our own light that God has no part of! Brothers and sisters, we do not need this false symbol of authority! Rebel! Even now, in the darkness, our battle rages on! This is what we came here to do; to defeat God!

“Let your light shine, shine brighter than a thousand stars put together! Let it shine brighter than you ever could while you were enslaved! Because now, now that God has abandoned us, we are free!”

As he said this, each person, each rock, each tree, each tiny atom of existence let out a bit of light, and each of them said, as one, “Let there be light.” The sounds of the entire universe drowned out the sound that God had made by a thousand times; and everything came back. The stars relit and shone brightly. The planets spun and the trees grew.

[Line break]

Gabriel awoke on a sunny hillside. He was lying back in the tall grass. Stretching, he stood up. Although he would never again be so one with the universe as on that day, he did not regret it. Being one with the universe made one tempted to mess with the universe, which he wanted no part of.

He calmly looked down the hill and saw a man in a leather jacket waving at him. He walked down to meet him.

“Can I offer you a ride into town?” asked God.

“Certainly,” said Gabriel. “I should have been home an hour ago.”

They both climbed into the cab of God’s old truck and returned home, Gabriel to his house and God to his studio apartment. After so long, both could relax and just be normal people.

NOTES (because this draft doesn't make an inordinate amount of sense): God gets his power by being a part of everybody. Or rather, everybody gives god a bit of their power because he’s just a normal person.

God is destroying the universe because he’s had to do it before and he’ll do it again.

The revolutionary council will not exclude anyone, even their enemies. Everyone has a part in the free world.

I need to do something about the part with Gabriel. He empowers everyone, but the point is you don’t need one person to do it.

When God says let there be darkness he is destroying the world. Or rather, he is letting it fall apart by taking his power out of it. But Gabriel tells the people that they have their own power and don’t need god’s. So he pulls the world back into itself.

While doing this Gabriel is in control. But he realizes that one person can’t be in control.

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