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Good Photoshopper / Logo Designer - needed asap

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Alright we need this ASAP, my band 'Twilight Hall' Needs a band logo with 'Twilight Hall' on the image as a title.

It needs to be somthing fantasy or science fiction looking either dark colors or pearly white modern artsy kind of vibe.

This isnt an album cover or anything but a logo we can use on our myspace, t-shirts, and gig promo posters.

Anyone familiar with some Blind Guardian album covers, or the more artsy and modern Vintersorg style album covers, anything remotley like those will work.

Obviously we don't expect anything amazing, just somthing simple but cool that works for us.

It needs to be a decent sized picture, squarish or rectangular but not a small banner or anything.


Polar opposites but just somthing cool like one of those, we'll take either since our music has fantasy and sci-fi themes.

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