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thoughts on the new Mercenary album

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it probably hasn't been out long enough to make an educated opinion, so go nuts on initial reactions

after the first three songs i'm REALLY unimpressed. these early tracks aren't remarkable at all; they sound like something any random melodic prog-power band could make. the next six or seven songs have some serious ass-kicking to do if they want to catch up with 11 dreams

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i was unimpressed with the first track, the 2nd track seemed to have some potentially with the intro but then just kinda got boring like the first track... and it all kinda stayed very... i dunno, i guess as you said "unimpressive"

i'll give it a few more listens if i ever get around to it, hehe...

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^ well mah man...

i've given it a couple more spins and it's still not doing anything for me. these songs seriously have no punch

i remember the first time i heard "firesoul" i fucking freaked out and rocked until my underoos were full. hell, i STILL need to change my pants half the times i hear that song. these songs though... it's like they're trying to be ballad-y and think they've traded raw power for emotion, but all the songs on 11 dreams were more emotive than anything here (except "sharpen the edges". can't stand that song). don't tell anyone...



...but i still get kinda choked up when i listen to "loneliness", and that song rips like the Hulkster at wrestlemania


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