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Oh my Gosh I need more PS2 Games ;A;

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What I currently have:




I definitely like games with unique art directions. I'm so-so on action games.. I dont have the attention span for overly complicated maneuvers, especially when they get repetitive. I love RPGs, but get a little bored of cliches. I also.. definitely like bishounen overdose. :X Bargain bin games are totally cool.

I know, I know, I got my PS2 fairly recently. :/ But the roomie has a 36 inch TV that is pretty much primarily for my use now, so I'm like.. I wanna get something new and pretty to play on it.

A friend is selling Magna Carta, but I hear scary reviews. ;A;

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Here's a list off the top of my head.

The Bouncer - The story, battle system, and controls suck, but it's full of pretty boys beating the crap out of other pretty boys and is dirt cheap. So, take that as you will. :tongue:

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence - Ayami Kojima does the character designs, a good soundtrack, and has many popular VAs. It's also really cheap now but the gameplay is really repetitive. The game doesn't last that long, though.

Chaos Legion - Basically Devil May Cry related gameplay with pink haired Cloud and his gotic trenchcoat and a leaner Sepiroth at each others throats. Cheap, but hard to find.

Dark Cloud 2 - Visually fantastic, and one of the best RPGs you can buy on the PS2. Though, it's rare now.

Dragon Quest VIII - Like Dark Cloud 2, the grapics are stunning. The game is very loooooooooooooong, though, if you aren't use too (or have played many) JRPGs. Farily cheap, depenings on where you look for it.

Galerians: ASH - In the hidden ending, the two main characters, the hero and villain, (both boys) share a kiss, and can be found for under $10. Have I sold you on it yet?

Guilty Gear X2 - If you like 2D fighting games, pick it up. It is the best looking 2D game to be produced, too.

Ico - I'm sure you've probably heard of this before, but if you're into games with art direction, this is a must.

Graffiti Kingdom - Pokemon, where you draw your own monsters. Anything (or, anyone, rather) is possible to make in this game. The MSRP was $30, but should be much cheaper now. I've seen it in a few bargin bins for $10 recently.

Okage: The Shadow King - If Tim Burton made his own RPG, Okage would be it. You also get the Devil as your sidekick, and is cheap.

Shadow Of Destiny - Pretty boy gets killed, a homunculi give him the power to travel back in time to prevent his death over and over. It sounds repetitive, but its actually a lot of fun. The story is also fantastic, too.

Shadow of The Colossus - Developed by the same team who made Ico. Your job is to take down 16 colossi, who of which, are puzzles in themselfs. Fantastic art style.

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga - Cell shaded RPG with very dark overtones. I won't spoil anything, but it has its share of pretty boy fights, too.

Silent Hill 2 - One of the best games for PS2, actually, just one of the best games period. With the hype of the Silent Hill movie fags, the price has gone up because of them. So, its rare, but a local Gamestop or EB might have a copy under $20.

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus - Great action game with fantastic graphics. Another bargin bin game that is a quick and fun pick-me-up.

Viewtiful Joe - If you don't have already have it for Gamecube, pick up the PS2 one. The graphics aren't exactly the same on each console, but it still retains the same enjoyment. Plus, Dante is playable.

Zone of The Enders/ Zone of the Enders the Second Runner- Mech piloted by pretty boys causing huge gorgeous explosions, and produced by Hideo Kojima. Fairly cheap too, if you can find a copy.

Bujingai: The Forsaken City - An action game with the hero molded from Gackt. So, uh...

So, take that as you will. :tongue:

That's all I can think of for right now. Okami should be out later in the year, which also looks amazing.

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Why don't you have the first MGS's, DMC's, and KH's?

Get the Katamari and Sly Cooper games.

>_> I have MGS for Gamecube. ;A: I need to play 2 still. I've only seen a little Raiden goodness.

Original KH.. I'm a bit drawn away from stories of horrible cameras? O_O

DMC3.. a friend told me it's the prologue of the series, so I thought it would be fun to get the backstory before DMC. :D

Sly Cooper is a huge furry. ;A;

Katamari looks fun! :D Forgot about that!!

Yeah, that's why I got DMC XD 20 bucks for a new game? Hawt.

God of War is 20 now.. is that mindless fun? :D

Jstop, thank yooooou :wub:

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God of War sucked

I disagree. I found it to be thoroughly enjoyable. The controls for the most part are very slick and sensitive, and the level design is ingeniously developed to reduce or eliminate the tedious backtrack found in most games of the DMC-eque genre. My primary gripe with GOW is that the context-sensitive attacks (usually initiated by the X button) do not activate properly, and Kratos will do his stumbly "oh I try to grab but can't" animation, leaving you extremely vulnerable, and allowing your usually-stunned opponents to compose themselves. This is a large problem in crowded areas, but areas that are so crowded are few and far between.

J-stop basically covered all the ones I'd recommend.

If you like Star Wars, Jedi Starfighter (Star Wars Starfighter 2) and Racer Revenge are really good PS2 SW games. AVOID BOMBAD RACING AT ALL COST! Star Wars Bounty Hunter is a mediocre platformer, but if you're a fan of Jango Fett, then you'll love this game. It's fun to fly around with your jetpack and burn enemies with your flame thrower, but the game does get repetitive after a while.

The Bouncer's controls weren't that bad, and the AI was dumbed-down enough that the pressure-sensitive button controls weren't much of a hinderance. The game ain't stellar, but the graphics are pretty nice.

I really wouldn't recommend Castlevania: Lament of Innocence unless you're a fan of the series. I had some fun with it, but unless you can find it for <$10, I wouldn't bother with it.

Chaos Legion is less like Devil May Cry, and more like Dynasty Warriors. In fact, it's basically Devil May Cry in a Dynasty Warriors gameplay setting. Don't let the name "legion" fool you, though. "Legion" is the name of the monters you command, and there's not that many of them. The controls are a little sticky, the voice acting is TERRIBLE, but the story is intriguing.

I second the following recommendations: Dark Cloud 2, Dragonquest 8, Shadow of the Colossus, and Viewtiful Joe. 3 of the 4 are cel shaded goodness, and the other (Shadow of the Colossus) is simply impressive graphically (looks like water colors, VERY well done).

Bujingai is a fun little romp, you get magic and the environments are pretty expansive. If you have DMC3 or God of War, you might want to hold off on this one, the former two just blow this one out of the water.

In addition to the ones J-Stop mentioned, I'd like to add:

Sky Odyssey -- Pretty hard to find, but very cheap if you can find it. This launch title doesn't have the best graphics, but it's a lot of fun to play. The various objectives will keep you occupied for a while, and there are branching paths, and three seperate ending levels (depending upon the order in which you collect map pieces). You fly various kinds of planes, but once you master the controls, the game is an absolute blast!

Ace Combat 5 -- Flying, Dogfighting, yeah, that's pretty much it. Buy this one if you love to blow shit up.

Gadget Racers -- a cute little racing game, very cartoony, a little hard to find. You buy gadgets (like wings, pontoons, and propellers) to overcome certain obstacles in races, and also upgrade your engine and chassis and so on. It's pretty simple, very short (sadly), but it's so addictive.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 1(PS1), Soul Reaver 2, and Defiance are great Action/Platform games that tell a very long, convoluted story. By the time you're done, you feel like you've accomplished something. The games play as if you're playing a book, and the dialogue and voice acting are unsurpassed! If you love story-driven games, this series is a must!

Maximo vs Army of Zin -- Great action platformer, plays like a cartoony version of Devil May Cry, but minus the gunplay. It's pretty easy to pick up and get into, and the levels are challenging enough to keep you interested.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Subsistance can be found $20 new, but can be found for much cheaper used at many other places. You want Raiden? You'll get all the raiden you can stomach, especially at the end :lol:

Monster Rancher: the third or fourth game in this series are a great deal of fun to play. I've only played the fourth one (of the PS2 ones, but I own MR 1 & 2 on PS1, too), but they all play basically the same. Don't get Monster Rancher: Evoloution (I think it's called, where your monsters are in a circus) In this series, you put in CDs (PS1 and PS2 versions) and DVDs (PS2 version only) and the game generates a monster for you to raise. You train it, build up its attributes, and then compete in tourneys for prizes. Monster Rancher 4 also has a dungeon-crawler-esque quest mode that progresses the game's story.

Psi Ops: Platformer/shooter. Fun times using psychic powers to throw boxes at enemies, or explosives at enemies, or enemies at enemies, using only your mind! Telekinesis is just one of many powers that you use to dominate your foes, and there are also handguns, shotguns, machine guns, and sniper rifles to make the game truly fun. It's a little on the bloody side, and kinda short, but it can be found most places for less than 10 bucks, and is worth every dollar.

Soul Calibur 2: Fighting game. You hack, you slash, you punch, you stomp, 'til the other guy falls over. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. The ladies seem to love Sigfried, and Raphael is a popular character, too. Soul Calibur 3 is okay, but not as much fun, because the balance of the characters is thrown WAY off.

I also recommend the Sonic Megacollection+, with all the popular Genesis Sonic games; Mega Man Anniversary Collection, with Mega Man 1-8, plus two Mega Man fighting games; Capcom Collect featuring great capcom hits; Mega Man X collection, featuring Mega Man X1-6, plus an unlockable mega man racing game; and Midway Arcade Treasures, I have Collection 2, have played collection 1, collection 3 is all racing, but they all look good to me.

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I definitely like games with unique art directions.

Dark Cloud 2/Dark Chronicle. Cel-shaded art. Free-combat RPG, though stat building isn't like regular RPGs (your characters don't level up, but the weapons they use do). The original Dark Cloud is just... ugh. Don't bother.

Sly Cooper. Stealthy platform jumping sort of deal.

Okami. It's not out yet, but it looks very nice.

I'm so-so on action games.. I dont have the attention span for overly complicated maneuvers, especially when they get repetitive.

Then you probably don't want God of War.

God of War is that game that looks enticing in the first stage.... Oh, I'm skewering sea serpents with ship poles and tossing the undead around like bitches. Kickass. And then you get to the second stage, complete with boring and drab scenery, and combat that quickly becomes repetitive. Sure, I used the same combos over and over in DMC, but DMC's more exciting to me because you see an attack coming and either decide to get the hell out of there or do something about it. In God of War, you see an attack coming and don't really give a damn because Square->Square->Triangle slaps the hell out of every enemy in front of you anyway.

Anyway, sorry about that rant, but anyway:

Chaos Legion. The difficulty of the game is intimidating (early bosses take out half your life in one shot), and the action can be more frustrating than chaotic, but if it seems like the kind of game you can get into and play really well, then you'll probably enjoy it. It's not so much like Dynasty Warriors as Shadow Cast says. Bonus points for Sieg, who has pink/red hair, a fur coat, a tattered cape, and leather pants. xD Chaos Legion is hard to find? The local Fry's Electronics here just can't get rid of them. Buy a PS2 there and they'll give you Chaos Legion, along with XIII and eight other games that just won't sell.

Devil May Cry. You've already played DMC3, DMC is pretty much the same, just with fewer weapons. It's also harder (Not Cerberus-takes-out-half-your-life hard, but just plain old hard), because you can't play missions over and over for orbs. Missions are shorter and simpler though.

Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven. Ninjas, assassinating people and eavesdropping on people playing poker. I don't think it needs further explanation. If you like it, look into the sequel, Tenchu: Fatal Shadows.

Shinobi. Again, ninjas, except this time around it's ninja against evil organization rather than ninja assassinating people. This game is hard. Really hard. You only have a few types of attacks though, but it's Shinobi, so everything he does is inherently cool.

Kind of at a blank for action games that don't fall under other genres as well, sorry :(

I love RPGs, but get a little bored of cliches. I also.. definitely like bishounen overdose. :X Bargain bin games are totally cool.

The RPG Club probably has a ton of suggestions for you :O

But hey, if you can find Star Ocean: Till the End of Time for $20 (It's GH, so it shouldn't be more than that), go ahead and get it so you can witness the greatness that is AlbelxFayt. xD

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Ace Combat 5 -- Flying, Dogfighting, yeah, that's pretty much it. Buy this one if you love to blow shit up.

I wholeheartedly endorse this reccomendation. I loved Ace Combat 4, loved Ace Combat 5, and will likely love Ace Combat 0. Aside from it pleasing the airplane nut in me, it's a great game with (fairly) solid gameplay, and the plots, while mostly ignorable, are, when present, over-the-top stories of world domination via massive superweapons which I always liked.

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Not if the demo is any indication of how it plays. It has some serious camera and mechanic issues.

The demo's from TGS2004, then translated for E32005.

The game's improved a fuckton since then. I've yet to hear a single negative opinion about the import. Most are calling it Capcom's Zelda.

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