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Apocalyptic(a) Clouds Over Central Iowa.


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CEDAR RAPIDS - A weather phenomenon filled the skies of Eastern Iowa Tuesday, and meteorologists say it's something we might not see again.

“I thought I was going to see alien spaceships come down through the clouds," said Casey Dunagan.

Some say it looked like a scene from the movie “Independence Day.” Others had more down-to-earth descriptions. It almost reminded me of ocean waves rolling in," said Suzanne Staab. I thought it looked like a nice frothy cream on a latté," said Robin Morris.

“Or sand dunes, the way they ripple," said Staab.

“It was actually pretty neat looking. All of us commented on it," said Mike Webb.

In case you missed the excitement Wednesday, clouds were the talk of the town. “We'll just call them wave clouds. That’s not actually a type of cloud. It’s just the way they looked," said TV9 Meteorologist Joe Winters.

This nameless weather phenomenon drew people outdoors. “I was sound asleep, and my sister ran in and woke me up and said you have to come out and see these clouds,” said Julie Hornickel.

And most people enjoyed Mother Nature's free entertainment. This kind of wave formation in the sky is rare in eastern Iowa. It's actually common in mountain areas. “It looked like i was in my hotel room in Vegas, looking at the mountains," said Webb.

So why did Eastern Iowa have a scene from the mountains? “The atmosphere always has waves in it, like the ocean. We just don't see waves often enough, and today we had the opportunity to do that,” said Winters.

And it will probably be a long time before we ever see anything like it again. “Just making sure “Independence Day” wasn't happening again," said Harold Stone. Don't worry Sci-Fi fans, meteorologists say it's not the end of the world.

The clouds were visible from Waterloo all the way down to southern areas of the state. Even though it might have looked like it, the clouds were not part of any severe weather.




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i saw something like this a while back that looked like little a bunch of little spheres in the sky. it was probably a photoshop job...

this looks pretty rad though

Like this?


Nope, they are pretty damn real. That is why I took a weather course once.

Edit: Oh wait... I forgot I picked out another course... I think it was American Government.

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Wow, people live in Iowa?

Yeah, fuck you too.

Anyways, as awesome as these rainclouds were, they're still just rainclouds in Iowa. That said, as boring as this state is, we'll take what we can get just so we don't have to talk about the Cyclones canning another player for drinking.

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