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New Super Mario Bros. (NDS)

Ikari Warrior

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New Super Mario Bros.

Gameplay: This game is a load of fun, has a very good blend of stuff new to the Super Mario Brothers series with subtle hints of nostalgia thrown in here and there. Some characters make return appearances such as the Hammer Bros., with the addition of one breed of Hammer Bros. wielding a boomerang, and another an extra-large Hammer Bros. with a thundering ground stomp that incapicates Mario for a few seconds. 1-ups are too easy to come by and having a 1-up count in the single digits is rare. A young gamer may find this game hard, but for the seasoned gamer, and espeically those who have played the series since the NES's SMB will find the challenge factor lackluster.

Graphics: Eye candy on the DS. One of the best looking Mario games out there.

AI: the AI is scripted and repetive in its actions, espeically when playing bosses, and patterns are easily memorized.

Overall: 8/10 A very solid game that no DS owner should be without.

Note:sound was not rated, because the reviewer is deaf.

-Review by Char, Animenation, posted with permission.

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