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Point Blank (NDS)

Ikari Warrior

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Point Blank DS

Gameplay: one of those games you can pick up and play for 5 minutes, or 5 hours. Contrary to what one might think, that a light gun game would not work on the DS and its touchscreen, it actually works quite well. The developers thought out this aspect of the game thoroughly, and it shows. Most games are very reminiscent of the Point Blank games on the Playstation.

Graphics: The colors are vivid, vibrant and crystal clear, and I should note I am playing this on a DS lite.

AI: There isn't really an AI, but preprogrammed or scripted motions of targets. The challenge is your hand-eye coordination and thought processing skills.

Multiplayer: There is no Nintendo WFC connectivity, and there is only singlepak play between 2 DSes. This reviewer has not experienced the multiplayer firsthand.

Overall: 10/10, this reviewer had previously given this game 8/10 on another site, but upon further review, it was reconsidered to be pretty darn near perfect. It is highly recommended for DS owners, and recommended tenfold to fans of the original Point Blank series on the Playstation.

note:sound was not rated because the reviewer is deaf.

-Review by Char, Animenation, posted with permission.

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True, but since we had this heretofore barren video game review section, I opened the doors to allow posters from AN to submit reviews to me, too, if they so wish. This way, we can get a larger variety of game reviews that AE can call their own, for the most part.

Also, writing video game reviews is fun for me, even though only Wind and one other person comment. I wanted to really flesh out this section to have a wide variety of games, but due to a limited budget, I can't exactly afford all the newest games in order to review them.

Further, it as my hope that AE posters would read these reviews and say "ah, this guy has a well-informed opinion, even though he's not a professional" versus all those people who say "I don't read game reviews because these professionals think their word is law."

Finally, I did not steal those reviews. I posted them with permission from the person I listed as the author. I revised them in order to correct for spelling and grammar, I throughly read them before I posted them, I did not just slap them onto the page without thinking. The author of those reviews PM'ed them to me, and so I revised them and posted them as I said I would.

If this continues to be a problem, I'll just stop inviting people to PM their reviews to me so I can post them.

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