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updated w/

Death+Qpid - Moumoku morumotto

JACK11 - Haikei casino shihainin tama

Gokusai Film - Eternity



Kurara Zekoroshiki - Yuugure bokou

Mareli - Kimi o tarimashita

Kurikara - Seisan (kari)

The Candy Spooky Theater - Murder Factory in the Closet

Alumi Land - Hana uta

and the requests/specialss

Dolly - Screen of Indoors DVD

Kaidan Light - Kikakudaore no yuuenchi

An Cafe - Shikisai Moment

Ayabie - ayabie sokukan ongen shuu

Sugar - Mental Sketch Modified

Sugar - Ridicule/Dry Flower

Sugar - Grave of Mind

BLue-B - Traces

An Cafe - Maple Gunman (pv + mp3)

An Cafe - BondS ~kizuna~ (pv + mp3)

Psycho le Cemu - ~Epilogue~ Kataritsuga Reru Monogatari

deathgaze - Genocide and Mass Murder

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i just checked out most of the stuff that's on there now. i dig Alumi Land a lot and that Piass / Ra'S TESTARS song was pretty groovy

if you know of any more stuff like D'espairsRay, consider it requested :crube:

i'll put stuff on here, since i've already updated mawaru again and didn't see your post before i updated. what bands have you heard before?

anyways i updated with -

RENNY AMY - Hidamari no shi

Ohh, I love guitar intro. I dunno how to describe it...word escapes me XD The vocals work really well with the music. I like how it accelerates as the song goes, then his voice goes softer again. Boom! ♥ Very pretty outro, too.

Bergerac - NIGHTMARE

Oh man I love Bergerac. But I didn't get this song until recently, it's not on their single. Love the vocals, screaming, all that. OMG, it's just love yessss. XD There's a lovely instrumental where you can actually hear the bass, so it's just not all guitar or drums. Lovely! Ahahaha. >__> lol

-DeVISe- - Destiny

Technoish! Love it. XD Another band from one of my older omnibuses. I love techno stuffies, and there's a lot of instrumentals in this. Yaaaay. A nice soft voice when there's vocals though. ♥ *hums the song* XD

Xanilu Waltz - Honjitsu kyuuen

I love the xylophome opening. This band is rather rare, I found it through a friend. It's got a female singer, but I'm not really sure how to describe her. I know it's gothicy, but sometimes you're just not sure if it's a woman singing. She's like Shiina Ringo in a way. Not sure why I want to say that. But the xylophone throughout the song is just so original and lovely. The piano, too. The song's really jazzy and reminds me of a music box, hah, ORUGOORU!

Barby - Suicide Marie

Yes, I uploaded a Barby song that has Yuzuki singing! I prefer Hinata, but I love this song. Really speedy guitar. ♥ I just adore the guitar and drums in this song, and Yuzuki's surprisingly, better sounding voice (or growling lol) compared to Nangoku Highschool Boy.

mi'zelia - Shinshunki

NIIIICE INTRO. I love the music in this, with the sorta childish murmered vocals (well sounds that way to me). Another song from the same omnibus -DeVISe-'s song came from. I love digging in my omnibus' and finding rarer songs most of the time older ones. Anyways I don't really know how to describe this other than I like the music better than the vocals, but the vocals aren't bad.

clorican - kawariyuku iro

A band I've never heard of, but apparently they're from Nagoya, and if you guys like Nagoya-kei, here you go! The vocals kinda sound familiar to me...very powerful. Also very emotional, like a lot of Nagoya bands. Nice guitar solo in the middle of the song. I dunno I just really like this song. ^^

lilac berry - kioku

The guitar in this almost overpowers the vocals at first, but then the vocals shine! The vocalist's voice is deep, but not overpoweringly so. I love the guitar work in this song, and how his voice fits so well with it. But great great guitar. ♥

merou - suisou no nakano yubiwa


Spider Lily - sora sou

I loooove Spider Lily. AWESOME guitar. I ADORE the vocals. SHRED SHRED SHRED!!1 DL THIS ONE TOO!! Yummy GROWLINGGG with that just...so cute voice. o_o ♥ XD

Kurikara - Seisan (kari)

Due to this file not working last time (thank you to the two people who let me know), I've put it back up.

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DIRMUNOT - Onika ~yuugure no~

DIRMUNOT - Gomen ne...

Pawn - Violet

CASSIS - Photograph

Queen'S-Q -U

Berallwarp Rheim - Kako e no Koukai

Crow - Saishuu Tensei

L'vient Erise - Care of Mind

Teddy - Tokyo koi hanabi

Tokami - MIND CRY

Tokami - Surface

Death★Rabits - VS Yankee

Deurol - LOST

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