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From what I've heard, it's a series of movies that try to be a psychological thriller/horror series with a morality killer antagonost that uses gore in an intelligent and disturbing way to increase the terror.

In the end the "psychological" factor and the gore resulted in another sick, over budgeted snuff film that helps to further desensetize the masses. I was talking to my uncle about it (he loves sci-fi, fantasy, and horror flicks) and he told me about the way Saw is a morality killer and it seems like it was loosely put together, like the writers couldn't figure out how to do it right and scrambled to do something that technically would pass off but was mediocre. And the whole being named Saw because his crimes are like a jig saw puzzle blah, blah, blah also sounded underdeveloped, but I haven't seen the movies. So I might be wrong.

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