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pretty cool. right before the solo at ~ 2:10, the keys/drums sounded just like this one Dimmu Borgir song :laugh: and the high notes were the shit

the first half of the song sounded kinda off though. i'm not a musician so don't expect me to analyze it much :P

haha just wondering what song were you thinking of?

btw, i play keys for Wind's band :biggrin:

any comments about the keys?

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i think it was "spellbound". it's definitely one of the catchier darkness enthroned triumphant songs

and i thought the keys weren't bad when they came up. seemed like they appeared out of nowhere

ah ill have to listen to that song again

it might of seemed like that, because of the sudden change in the keyboard effect, but thanks for the comment dude :smile:

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I echo everyone who said record better. You guys just need some quality stuff to record with. First of all, the drum recording needs some help. I suggest going to Musician's Friend and picking up a good mic set with some condenser mics, etc. The bass drum especially needs to be mic'd. You can barely hear it. The vocals were a bit off in the beginning with the synchronized drum/guitar part. If you guys aren't using a metronome when recording, try it next time.

Musically, I felt you guys excelled in the faster parts with the driving double bass drumming and the keyboards. The "Magic spell blah blah blah" part. The slow parts where the guitar would single strum some chords accompanied by symbol crashes just kinda lacked. Overall though, I liked it. Just improve your recording.

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