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Album of the Year 2005!


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I was going to go with Daft Punk "Human After All," but due to how short it is compared to the other two competitors, it is out. Also, Franz Ferdinand's "You Could Have it so Much Better" is out for having at least 1/3 of the songs sounding almost exactly the same, so the title goes to the last of the top three...

Gorillaz - Demon Days

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In my mind, the album of the year has got to be

White Stripes- Get Behind Me Satan

For some reason, i just love the experimenting they did on this album as opposed to Elephant. Where Elephant was almost all electric guitar, GBMS is composed mostly of piano, or marimba. Great album, and greatly under appreciated because it wasn't Elephant Version 2.

I was thinking of saying that one, but I just didn't listen to the album enough.

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