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Congrats Mith!! You are the only one who did not think you would do well

P.S. I GOT A 2250 ON THE SATS THATS LIKE THE SAME AS YOU XD i had one like this too but i got wind to delete it because it was a little too gloaty and also everyone doesn't take aps

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Are you getting any mail from good colleges? >_> 'cause mine are all from like University of Idaho, Seton Hall University, and No-one-wants-to-go-here College.

Hahaha, I'm getting all this shiznit from Upenn and Yale cause they got my SAT scores but they don't know my gpa's like 2.7 >__>

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Scores have finally reached here.

Lit and Comp--4

Calc AB--4

Physics B--2

I've gotten 4 hours Humanities credit out of it all. I could get out of Calc I with my score, but I think I'll take it as it uses Maple to solve certain problems, and getting used to that would be a help.

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