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Leveling from 45-60

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Is there any way to make this go quicker? Some people said they got from 1-60 in two months. Sounds like a bunch of BS. I go straight threw questing from 44-45 and it takes me around 11 hours a level. Also I was wondering what good places there are to level at 45. I'm done with STV, Feralas, and Tanaris. Is leveling this slow now? If so how can you get from 1-60 in two months if each levels taking a day and thats if you play it all day long.

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i hope that's not play time...

it only took my dad 40hrs to get to 60. He's spent the rest of the time there. that's over 100hrs by now.

Yes 18 hours PLAY TIME. and for otacon 22 days PLAY TIME.

DAoC = 5 horus of play time to end game and then limitless hours in the fun that is end game.

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