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A small gripe.

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Alright. Wind. I noticed that you put images in some of the reviews, making them come up on the front page. That's nifty. But a small problem, It's raping my browser. I'm running 1280*1024 and I have to almost fullscreen it to get the lower scroll bar gone.

And sinve I know most people still use 1024*768, could you please do us all a favor and use smaller images? maybe thumnails or something?

Thanks for listening,


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I run 1280*1024 and it shows up fine for me man, lol

not all of us fullscreen our browsers cause we got other shit to do mang

I don't really see it as much of a problem, seeing as I don't use the portal for anything but the link to the forum.

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Yeah I only use it that way since it appears perfect for me.

People should all use Firefox, and the same resolution.

I full screen my browser, then when I want to do somthing else I hit the little "-" symbol that god created for us to use.

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