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wisdom teeth woe


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Most people have them taken out before they come out, because wisdom teeth never come out for alot of them... like they come out diagonal and never come out cause they hit other teeth on the way up

They have to drug you and cut your gums open and pull the tooth out, but supposedly you don't feel it at all due to the drugs but you can't do alot of things for a while after the surgery

I'm not getting them pulled out because they're actually coming out in the right place and everything D:

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I think it would hurt more afterwards since they'd be going a lot deeper into the gum, you know, expect lots of horrible ache. But it won't be really bad when you're at the dentist at least pain wise, just two novocaine shots in your cheek

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If you have to get them out, it's not hard or painful. Before they put you under, they'll ask you to eat nothing so the effects of the drugs will be faster. After the operation, they'll give you more drugs. The whole thing is no big deal. Lots of drugs to keep you happy, numb and delirious, you won't realize they're actually gone.

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Like what Reinas said, no food the night before the surgery. Anyway, they used "laughing" gas on me and I was out for the entire surgery. Then they stitched the wound up with a dissolvable thread and sent me home with a nice bottle of painkillers.

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my friend got fucked because his dentist actually forgot to give him his vicodin prescription afterward. The fact that he forgot kinda scares me because I still have to get my wisdom teeth removed, all of them.

i only used like two pills of the vicodin i was prescribed. it didn't hurt at all past the first day, and i was all zombified anyways

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