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I am surprised no one mentioned this anime yet. TOKKO's got an interesting premise. Looks like its the ultraviolence show of the season. If you look carefully...okay, if you even seen GTO at all, you can easily tell the author of GTO wrote the manga for this (which I have not read) as the character designs and art are very similar. However, the story is quite a bit different than ol' Onizuka Ekichi's tale. The main character, Shindou, is graduating to be an inspector for a law enforcement agency known as TOKKI (yes, I'm not mixing up names) to try to find out what happened to his dead parents and avenge them. (what, I haven't heard of that premise before) Anyway... moving on...

Apparently Shindou keeps on having dreams about a half-naked woman. Don't we all? Only this one's wielding a sword and seems to like to cut up monsters.


Shindou and his sister have a close relationship and live together.


Seems he can't shut up talking about his dreams to his best buddy.


Maybe a hideous, old guy is stalking him?


Finally, he starts work, where he gets verbally abused by a wannabe drill sergeant.


The lieutenent from another agency called TOKKO (TOKKO...TOKKI...what the hell is with the naming?) thinks Shindou tastes very good.


Looks like TOKKO is supposed to be full of sword wielding badasses, too.


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Finally, the enemy rears its ugly head. These zombies or whatever they are seem like the stab you in the face sort of zombie, not walk around and moan type zombie.




Finally, we get to see some stuff get cut up.


Looks tasty.


Here's to hoping this show promises lots of zombies.

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