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Paniponi Dash! [56k... What the FUCK?]


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Why, hello there!


Be prepared for a lot of this shit. It's like Azumanga and Bottle Fairies got married and had a crack baby.



Our Heroine! And her poor little abused rabbit, uh, thingy.


It just gets bizarre from here, folks. Needless to say I like this show, maybe even more if I could understand what they're saying.

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Dub sucks. Eveyone's voice besides Becky's really doesn't fit that well. Some characters seem to have been totally mis-cast for the dub; like how Kamineko just doesn't sound cat like at all and Ichijou sounding somewhat like a smart-ass. Also, their are far too many vid notes on screen most of the time that they get in the way of whats actually going on screen.


ADV should have opted for a booklet of linear notes instead. On the upside, they kept Himeko's "maho" intact.

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