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Make Your Own Supergroup!


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Just like the VH1 show, but you pick the group!

Band Name: Metal Headache

Vox/Bass: Geddy Lee

Guitar: Dave Mustaine

Drums: Gene Hoglan

Band Name: Punishment

Vox/Rhythm Guitar: James Hetfield

Lead Guitar: Jon Schaffer

Bass: Frank Bello

Drums: Scott Travis

Band Name: The Beast Within

Vox: Blaze Bayley

Rhythm Guitar: Scott Ian

Lead Guitar: Glenn Tipton

Lead Guitar: Roy Z

Bass: Jason Newsted

Drums: Dave Lombardo

Band Name: Bastards

Vox/Bass: Tom Araya

Rhythm Guitar: Rob Caggiano

Lead Guitar: Kirk Hammett

Drums: Charlie Benante

Band Name: Revelations

Vox: Bruce Dickinson

Lead/Rhythm Guitar: Steve Vai

Lead/Rhytm Guitar: Yngwie Malmsteen

Bass: Les Claypool

Drums: Neil Peart

Band Name: Dismantle

Vox: John Bush

Lead Guitar: Paul Gilbert

Rhytm Guitar: Rich Ward

Bass: Steve Harris

Drums: Bobby Jarzombek

Band Name: Jawbreaker

Vox: Rob Halford

Lead Guitar: Devin Townsend

Rhythm/Lead: Janick Gers

Bass: James LoMenzo

Drums: Jürgen 'Ventor' Reil

Let's see what you can make!

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Though, technically all you have to do to create a Vintersorg band is pair him with either Asgeir Mickelson or Oystein G. Brun, say they're doing ambient black thrash folk ultrametal and call it something like... Windowsoul.

How many bands does Asgeir Mickelson play with? I really like his drumming style. So far I've only heard Borknagar, Vintersorg and Spiral Architect. I bet there are lot more bands that he played with.

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